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Neshko Manev

Neshko Manev

Lead Writer

Hailing from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, Neshko Manev advanced his academic career in business management and game design, moving from Varna Free University in Bulgaria to the University of Greenwich.
At Greenwich, he delved deep into game design, emphasizing Virtual Reality technologies. This rigorous training gave him a comprehensive view of the gaming domain, shaping his career trajectory.
He also undertook freelance projects in graphic design, some specifically for the online casino realm. A period as a 3D modeler honed his understanding of gaming dynamics.
Transitioning to online casino writings, he started with article composition, eventually becoming a writer at TheCryptoBonus in recent years. Beyond content creation, he dissected the multifaceted world of crypto and online casinos.
His collaboration with ‘Bad Hombre’ speaks to his depth of knowledge and skill. While his evaluations stem from work experiences, they’re also colored by his personal journey as a gaming aficionado, especially in games featuring the megaways mechanism.
Manev’s draw to online casinos began nearly ten years ago after a serendipitous interaction with slot machines. His passion remains alive, further fueled by live gaming streams and occasional play.
At TheCryptoBonus, there’s a focus on comprehensive study and examination. The team is committed to delivering informed content, presenting transparent and dependable insights to readers.

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