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Bitlser Bonus – Thursday Mega Crypto Campaign

Nov 23, 2023 | Deposit Bonuses, Weekly Bonuses

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Bonus Info:

Bonus Type: Deposit Bonus, Crypto BOnus, Weekly Bonus

This promotion is a special offer for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on the Bitsler platform. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Qualifying Deposit: To participate, you need to deposit a specific amount of cryptocurrency. The options include:
    • 1500 TRX (Tron)
    • 250 XRP (Ripple)
    • 150 USDT (Tether)
    • 1250 XLM (Stellar)
    • 3 SOL (Solana)
  • Gold Chest Reward: If you make one of these deposits today, you’ll receive 1 Gold Chest as a reward tomorrow.
  • Bonus for Doubling Deposit: If you double the amount of your deposit (e.g., deposit 3000 TRX instead of 1500), you’ll receive 3 Gold Chests instead of 1. These will be awarded on Friday.
  • Additional Silver Chests for Today: As a special bonus for today, if you participate in this promotion, you’ll also receive 3 Silver Chests along with the Gold Chest(s).
  • Potential Winnings: Each Gold Chest has the potential to contain up to $2,500.
  • Promotion Code: To be eligible, you must type “THURSDAYPROMO14” in the chat on Bitsler during the promotion period.
  • Promotion Period: This offer is valid only for today, starting at 00:01 UTC and ending at 23:59 UTC on 23rd November.
  • Chest Distribution: The chests (Gold and Silver) will be granted on the following day, 24th November.
  • Wagering Requirement: The deposited amount tied to this promotion needs to be wagered at least once to qualify for the reward.
  • Single Deposit Requirement: The required deposit amount must be made in a single transaction.

In summary, this promotion is a time-limited offer where making a qualifying deposit in one of the specified cryptocurrencies today can earn you Gold and Silver Chests with potential cash rewards. Doubling your deposit increases the number of Gold Chests you receive. To participate, remember to use the promo code and meet the wagering requirements.

Bonus T&C Apply 18+

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