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Crypto Casinos for High-Rollers

Hitting a casino limitation without being aware of it can be pretty annoying, especially if you consider yourselves high rollers. If you have been there, you know the feeling.

This topic will discuss how and where we can avoid such scenarios.

Nowadays, more than ever, new crypto casinos are poping on the market.
These casinos offer substantial welcome bonuses, features, games, payout methods, and withdrawal methods, but most of them lack something essential; their withdrawal thresholds are too low.

Of course, in some cases, a casino with withdrawal limits can benefit us; we’ll explain in more detail why.

We overviewed 50+ casinos, and most of them could pay a total of €5.000 of your winnings per week or €15k-€20k per month. That may seem like a lot to many gambling enthusiasts, but it is way too limited for big spender players that deposit thousands a day and can request multiple withdraws in just a day.

The statistics show that most of the daily cases that support representatives face are associated with withdrawals times or limits.

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Let us first discuss what a crypto casino is and what benefits it has compared to traditional online casinos. Shortly said, a crypto casino is an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies as a deposit and withdrawal method. Processing crypto payments have fewer operational costs for the casino, which results in high bonuses.

Crypto withdrawals usually take 10-20mins, rather than days, as with most fiat money payments. Also, the privacy of a crypto casino is higher due to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies. In most traditional online casinos, you need to pass the annoying process of verifying your identity before gambling. In contrast, you can start playing in crypto casinos right after you sign up.

To help you decide which casino to play, we investigated crypto casinos that don’t have payout limits, or the limits are comfortably high even for high stakers.

Below, you can find a list of crypto casinos that don’t mind high stakes gamblers and won’t delay your payouts more than it was stated in their T&C’s or payments sections. 


Fairspin casino is our top choice, and that isn’t a coincidence. It was launched in 2018, and it has improved quite well since then. We are unsure how it looked and functioned initially, but its current state is quite impressive. This casino takes crypto seriously and even has its token called “TFS.”

Fairspin is a TruePlay casino. This makes it unique as the casino publicly provides its financial results on the blockchain. You can also track your gaming records.

You can ensure that everything is fair through this transparency and the casino does not manipulate your gambling results. All this makes Fairspin one of the most trusted and reputable casinos on the market.

The casino website interface was designed well and worked smoothly during our test. We could navigate easily without confusion. 

Fairspin’s website design is futuristic and has two primary colors: Yellow and dark blue.

Moreover, Fairspin casino is translated into ten languages: Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

Fairspin casino offers a decent library of games with 3800+ slots by a total of 65+ top game providers. You can also bet on sports and even virtual sports.

This crypto casino offers both crypto and fiat payments. When it comes to payouts, Fairspin is doing well, and you can expect your winnings to arrive in a couple of hours. 

Fairspin casino is gaining popularity among “Twitch” streamers and high rollers as the casino offers something that many others can’t handle – no withdrawal limits. 

License: Curacao

Owner: Fabeltra Ltd.

Welcome Bonus: up to 450% +10 BTC + 140 FS

Fairspin Withdrawal Limits: No Limits

Fairspin Withdrawal Time:

  • E-Wallets: 1-2 hours
  • Credit & Debit Cards: 1-5 hours
  • Bank Transfers: 1-72 hours
  • Crypto: Instant
Fairspin crypto casino


Bitstarz has been around since 2014, offering one of the best online gambling experiences on the market. Bitstarz also provides one of the best experiences in support as it holds several awards for it. 

Bitstarz casino is, by all means, a legit and trusted casino in which you will never get your winnings delayed or unpaid. Just make sure you are not violating their terms and conditions. 

Bitstarz offers a total of 3100 games by more than 75 software providers. The gambling experience is smooth and would take a couple of minutes from registration to actual gambling on their website. 

Casino website’s languages are English, Russian, Chinese and Brazilian. They could add some more languages to their website, but it seems like these countries are their target audience. 

When playing on Bitstarz casino, you have the choice to pay in fiat and crypto. If the case is a payout, you can withdraw in both options.

Bitstarz is an excellent spot to gamble if you are a high roller.  

License: Curacao

Owner: DAMA N.V.

Welcome Bonus: Up to €500/5BTC or 20 FS NO DEPOSIT BONUS

Bitstarz Withdrawal Limits: No Limits

Bitstarz Withdrawal Times:

  • E-Wallets: 0-1 hours
  • Credit & Debit Cards: 1-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 1-5 days
  • Crypto: Instant
Bitstarz is an excellent choice for high rollers


Stake casino is a popular choice among bitcoin gamblers. If you are familiar with Twitch’s streaming platform and enjoy watching gambling channels, you will notice that the most popular streamers are indeed streaming and playing on

We understand that Stake’s wallet is profound in clever advertising, but that is not all. Since its launch, Stake casino has proved to be a trusted casino, and users are happy to play there.

Our experience in Stake was excellent as we could find the desired game provider and any popular game that we enjoy playing on other casinos.
We were lucky and had the chance to request a withdrawal from Stake.

We wanted to withdraw 8000XRP, and that happened in a matter of seconds! We could see our 8000XRP in our wallet almost immediately.

You can deposit crypto straight from your wallet, or you can buy crypto using third-party providers such as “Moonpay.” However, purchasing crypto from Moonpay is not free, and you should be aware that there is a fee, based on payment method.

Stake might not offer a welcome bonus, but its VIP Program and Rakeback is unbeatable; there are constant rewards, as you wager.

License: Curacao

Owner: Medium Rare N.V. 

Welcome Bonus: N/A

Banking: Crypto Wallet or Buy Crypto from 3rd party provider. 

Stake Withdrawal Limits: No Limits

Stake Withdrawal Times:

  • E-Wallets: 0-1 hours
  • Credit & Debit Cards: 0-1 hours
  • Bank Transfers: 0-1 hours
  • Crypto: Instant
Stake casino is one of the best crypto casinos for big spenders


Mbit is an entirely crypto-oriented casino that was established in 2014. It operates under the Curacao laws, and it’s 100% legit and loyal to its players. 

Mbit casino offers nearly 3000 games in its library by 54+ world top providers, including live games. All games on Mbit casino can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

Signing up and playing in Mbit is easy and should take you no more than a moment to finish your registration and start your gambling journey.

Mbit casino is popular among crypto gamblers because it supports many cryptocurrencies. Mbit used to support fiat payments, but now its focus is just on crypto, and deep inside, we all know that this is the future of all casinos. 

You can feel safe when playing on Mbit due to the additional SSL protection that secures all your data and transactions. 

We decided to put Mbit on the last spot as this article is about no max cashout casinos or casinos with high withdrawal limits. See below for more information. 

License: Curacao

Owner: Dama N.V 

Welcome Bonus: Up to 5BTC + 300 Free Spins

Banking: Crypto Only

Mbit Withdrawal Limits: Up to 10 BTC per month

Mbit Withdrawal Times:

  • E-Wallets: 0-1 hours
  • Credit & Debit Cards: 1-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 24-72 hours
  • Crypto: Instant
mbit - online casino for big spenders


The casino withdrawal limit is the sum you can cash out in a single transaction. Most online casinos on the market have these rules, and it’s expected as there is a purpose in these regulations. 

However, those casino cashout limits can sometimes be disappointing. 

For instance, imagine hitting a massive multiplier, and you win €50.000, but when you request a cashout, you realize that you cannot withdraw your winnings in one lump sum. Therefore, you will contact the support and ask why it is that? They are most likely to explain that their casino has withdrawal limits, and your winnings will be paid according to the casino’s rules. 

For example, if the casino withdrawal T&C says that the maximum cashout is €20.000 per month, you will get your 50k in two months and a half. 

Thus, it would be best if you always had the habit of checking any new online casino’s terms and conditions before you play.  

Moreover, the so-called high roll players usually deposit thousands and expect to withdraw thousands a day. In a casino with a low payout threshold, these players won’t be able to play that big, which will definitely lead to disappointment as that is their play style. 

Casino withdrawal limits could be daily, weekly, or monthly, so you should always check with support or T&C before playing in a new crypto casino. 

katsubet deposit methods


Several logical factors play a role in why casinos set such cashout limits. Usually, every new crypto casino has a limited financial state, and they are trying to deal with that as they put withdrawal limits.

Restrictions in withdrawals is reasonable as sometimes we could be impulsive and continue to play, hoping to win more. Often that mentality can lead to losing all or a significant part of our winnings.

In another scenario, let’s imagine that ten players request significant sums for cashout in a new casino; then, the casino may not have the resources to pay them at once. When setting cashout limits, the casinos ensure that they will have enough money to pay all players in multiple installments.

Protection from hackers could be another reason for setting withdrawal limits. If you are unlucky to get hacked and have a significant balance, then the hacker will not be able to withdraw all you got in one go.

You should be aware that, especially in crypto casinos, hackers can, in most cases, withdraw straight to their crypto wallets, which will make things even harder to solve.

A casino that has max withdrawal limits doesn’t mean that it’s a scammy casino or that they won’t pay you. As we briefly mentioned, there are many reasons why they are forced to apply such restrictions.


Playing in a casino without max cashout will ensure you that the moment you hit big, you will be able to withdraw your whole sum.

Especially if you consider yourself a high roller, you should check the banking section. If the amount you can withdraw per transaction is not stated, you should refer to T&C, and if you still can’t find your answer, you should ask a support representative.

There are plenty of crypto casinos offering big welcome bonuses such as up to 5 BTC, and then you realize that you can withdraw significantly less than what you deposit.

You should also be aware that the deposit method you are using can impact your withdrawal limit.


This is the amount of time the casino would need to process your requested withdrawal. Nowadays, more and more casinos with fast withdrawals are available. Depending on your withdrawal method, some casinos would pay you in a matter of minutes; this sometimes depends on the requests the casino is processing at a time.

Again, if you are curious how long processing your money takes to the casino you are about to play, you should always check their banking section or T&C.

Withdrawal times could vary depending on the casino, but they should pay you in a 24 hours frame in most cases. Most casinos are doing security checks by experienced agents to ensure you didn’t win using a bug or other cheating.


Welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses are something common in the gambling industry. You get a matching bonus on your initial deposits or no deposit bonus to register in a casino.

Some casinos offer up to $100 no deposit bonuses, which could be enough to convince you to deposit. This intelligent strategy can lure many new players into a casino.

While working for a casino, we had a similar no deposit bonus from Japanese players; one lucky player could make $30k with just a $20 no-deposit bonus.

However, he was pretty disappointed because he found that the maximum cashout from that promo was $100. That info was stated in the casino T&C, but the player didn’t read these “boring” lines.

$100 is still a bargain, but how would you feel if you hit such a multiplier and find out later that you won’t get the entire sum?

That’s why you should always read T&C’s or ask support about the regulations for specific promo or welcome bonuses.

Sometimes even “sweet” wager-free bonuses can be deceptive; hence you should always double-check before gambling.


To summarise, max cashout limits will always exist even in old and famous casinos. Online casinos don’t set limits just as strategy, as they have vital functions.

You can, of course, avoid them if you don’t like them; all you need to do is to find and play in online casinos that don’t have such withdrawal limitations.
Remember that you should always research before playing if you want to be a wise gambler.

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