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How Fair Are Online Casino Games?

One of the most discussed topics among gambling enthusiasts is the fairness of the games and the real chances of winning in casinos. In the following, we will see how exactly gambling games work and how the winner is decided, and at the end, we will conclude: can we talk about rigged online casino games, or are they all fair casino games?❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Rigged Games – Can Casinos Control Gambling?

Surely you have thought at least once that there is no such thing as fair casino gambling and that a casino will always be in the winning position. These thoughts usually come when you’re having a bad day and fail to get your hands on any prizes, but this is strictly about luck.

Online casinos will never call rigged games for a fairly simple reason: operators must comply with legal requirements to avoid getting into trouble with regulators and losing their operating licenses. What’s more, online casinos are periodically checked by independent organizations, also called casino auditors, to make sure that slot enthusiasts get fair casino games and equal chances of winning.

These days it’s pretty easy to dispel the myth that “the house always wins”, especially in the case of online casinos that use well-thought-out systems to run the games and unexpectedly pick winners because in the world of gambling, random is synonymous with fair play.

Returning to these casino auditors and their work, they ensure that all the games you can test in an online casino are not rigged. The advent of casino auditors or testing and verification agencies is a milestone in the online casino industry because it marks the beginning of an era of fairness in gambling. All legally operating casinos must use a random number generator or RNG to ensure the game works correctly.

An online casino can only get its license if it is first verified by an independent agency that ensures that external factors do not influence game results. For example, in the case of slots, the test consists of tens of thousands of spins performed by testing and verification agency representatives to prove that the game works correctly. Important to note is that any new game goes through this testing process before it is introduced into the operator’s range of games and made available to casino enthusiasts.

Casinos don’t make the games themselves but use software from manufacturers such as Novomatic, EGT, NetEnt, or iSoftbet.

Online casinos can’t control gambling because they are under the watchful eye of independent organizations that ensure you get a fair and safe game.
Online casinos regularly undergo strict tests by auditors such as GLI, eCOGRA, or iTech Labs, and a symbol of safety and fairness is the ONJN logo. If you choose to play at an ONJN-licensed casino, you can be 100% sure you will play safely and fairly. Even though licensed casinos want to help players play safely, some still try to trick players.
Fair casino games – how do they work?

Fair casino online games are based on one thing: RNG or random number generator, whether we’re talking slots, roulette games, Blackjack, poker, or bingo. Depending on the type of game, this RNG will generate a number. For example, in slots, it generates the combinations for each spin. In Blackjack, it generates the card value you will receive. In roulette, it shows the winning number. As mentioned, randomness is synonymous with fairness in the gambling world.

To better understand how this RNG software works, we’ll take the example of slot games. If we have a classic slot with 5 reels and 12 symbols per reel, the generator will randomly choose values from 1 to 12 for each reel, resulting in 5 symbols. This is where luck comes in. If you have a lucky day, those 5 symbols chosen by the RNG will be found in a winning combination.

And if you still need to decide if any casino would resort to rigged games, then you should know that even this RNG system is tested by a specialized testing lab that ensures all requirements regarding standards, technical norms, and more have been met. Interestingly, a mixed team of specialists, such as mathematicians or physicists, work in this lab, ensuring the casino game is 100% safe and fair.

These random number generators are complex programs, and attempts to manipulate gambling are stopped right from the start thanks to the testing agencies that ensure the fairness of the game, but also thanks to very well-developed legislation and regulations, which we will discuss in the following.

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Rigged Games – Stopped by ONJN Regulations

The regulation of the gambling industry in Romania started with the establishment of a specialized body called ONJN, which supervises the activity of online casino operators. The ONJN’s work also plays an important role in improving the player experience by ensuring consumer protection, the safety of sensitive data, and a fair and safe gaming environment.

Moreover, with the regulation of the casino industry in our country, responsible gaming programs aimed at preventing gambling addiction have emerged, and players have had access to free play and various offers and bonuses.

In July, an important step towards fair gaming was taken when the ONJN adopted a regulatory document setting minimum conditions for verifying gaming facilities. This document focuses on the integrity, fairness, and proper functioning of the random number generation software to prevent gambling manipulation.

With the introduction of this regulation by the ONJN, The next step was to increase the number of conformity assessment organizations for more efficient testing. This benefits both gambling operators and players.

Tampering with this RNG system is impossible, but the ONJN wants to ensure that the games are working properly and have therefore introduced mandatory number generator testing.

As already mentioned, the software is tested in a laboratory by a team of specialists who will certify that the games are not rigged and that the generator works correctly. RNG testing can only be done in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory or any independent laboratory, provided the test result is supported by well-prepared technical documentation.

Specifically, operators who want to enter the Romanian market can do so much faster and easier with the resources available. Players will enjoy fair casino games and a much better gaming experience. Even though the operating license is granted for 10 years, online casino operators are regularly checked to see if the games are fair, but also if the promotions given to players are classy and do not hide conditions that are not advantageous.

Fair Casino Games – Only in Licensed Casinos?

The ONJN also comes to the aid of novice players who need to learn how to choose which casino to play their chances at. We said earlier that you should choose a licensed casino, and the reason why you should do so is quite simple: a licensed casino will offer you a safe and fair gaming environment because it has gone through many checks and tests. Let’s also remember that every new game introduced to the casino’s portfolio is tested, and once it passes all the tests, it can be released to players.

Even with so many controls and regulations from the ONJN, some sites still provide you with unauthorized gambling. Avoid these sites because they can get you into trouble, but also a rather high fine because gambling is only allowed in licensed casinos in Romania.

You can check the list of unlicensed casinos on the ONJN website or look for the ONJN logo on the casino page. Any serious, self-respecting casino with a valid ONJN license will display this fact prominently on its website because it gives the player confidence to open an account and test the games, knowing that the casino offers a fair and safe gaming environment.

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“The House Always Wins”?

There is a myth that says that in casinos, the house always wins, a myth that has been debunked many times. The truth is that when you don’t succeed at gambling, it doesn’t mean that the games are rigged. It just means that you’re having a bad, unlucky day.

Every spin in a slot is random and independent, and players need to be confident that the operators are not manipulating the game’s outcome in any way. Casinos don’t have to manipulate games because there is a so-called “house edge”, a percentage of bets that ensures the operator is not losing. Hence, the casinos’ only concern remains to provide a memorable gaming experience for the player.

Every game of chance, whether talking slots or table games, has a house edge. For example, for every bet placed, there are 2 possibilities: lose or win, so the odds are 50-50. If an online casino paid 1 lion for every lion bet, a phenomenon called “pure chance” would occur. In reality, however, the casino only pays a portion. For example, a winning bet of one leu will pay 0.95 lei, resulting in a house advantage of 2.5%.

The house advantage is the difference between pure chance and the casino’s payout. On average, the house edge is between 0 – 5%; in the case of slots, it can even be as high as 10%. This house advantage is also closely related to the payout rate or percentage that goes back to the player. Every game of chance has a payout or payout rate. The higher it is, the bigger your winnings will be. The payout rate or percentage return to the player is intended to be a long-term measure of the fairness of a game.

Final Words

In conclusion, online casinos will not seek to rig games of chance because they will win anyway, even if you win. The aim of casinos today is to stand out in players’ eyes, to offer promotions and no deposit bonuses as high as possible, and not to trick players into winning as much as possible. Moreover, careful supervision of gambling activity and regular testing by specialized bodies guarantees the player a fair and safe gaming environment, and today all licensed online casinos are 100% fair.

There are quite a few players who claim that gambling is manipulated, usually after losing a sum of money. But the truth is that the games are fair, and the winnings are random. Choose a licensed casino with games you like, and you will see that the games are not rigged, and you will enjoy winnings on your lucky days. Remember, there is a risk of losing, and playing responsibly is important. You also have the chance to win, so it’s worth taking your possibilities as long as you play it safe.

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