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How to Deposit on BC.Game?

BC.Game Casino is an outstanding cryptocurrency casino with an interface that catches the eye with bright graphics and colorful accents. The casino is one of those to make crypto-gambling a thing among online players.

Here, players can enjoy casino games and place sports wagers on a whole range of cryptocurrencies, including BC.Game’s proprietary coin, BCD (BC dollar).

Members who sign up for the site want to know a whole lot of things about BC.Game. In this piece, we talk about the banking options you have and how to deposit on BC.Game.

bc game casino homepage

BC.Game Casino Homepage

Banking Options at BC.Game

Banking options are important for real-money play and often have players picking one site over another. Players interested in trying out the site will like that you get a whole lot of options for both cryptocurrency and fiat transactions.

The menus are so seamlessly laid out as you navigate your way through the payment options that you never feel lost at any time.

Drop-down menus combined with tabs that run across the page ensure all your selections are with the click of a button. BC.Game Casino offers players lots of cryptocurrencies with which to make deposits and withdrawals.

Each of these can be swapped for another. You can also buy cryptocurrency at the casino’s cashier section. The range of cryptocurrencies accepted by the casino includes BCD, USDT, ETH, BTC, TRX, BNB, LTC, XRP, LINK, BUSD, DOT, USDC, DOGE, SOL, BCH, and XLM.

The variety of third-party providers accepted by the casino is classified according to the currency you pick. A neat drop-down menu at the top right of the cashier menu shows you all the currencies you can transact with at the casino.

Click on your currency to see the menu. The currencies you can transact with at the casino include; IDR, AUD, BDT, CAD, COP, EUR, GBP, GHS, JPY, KES, MYR, MXN, KRW, NZD, and INR, among others.

You have to click on the drop-down menu to see what payment options are available to you in your chosen currency.

banking options bc game casino

Banking Options BC.Game

Making Your First Deposit at BC.Game

BC.Game Casino boasts one of the smoothest user interfaces we have seen in a casino. The layout is intuitive and straightforward, and everything seems to be in place without too much clutter. Making your first deposit is quite easy. You don’t have to click on any pages, as you can initiate a transaction right from the home page.

Here is how to make your first transaction at BC.Game Casino:


  1. Log in to the site from your PC or mobile browser.
  2. Click on the purple ‘Deposit’ button at the top of the page
  3. Switch between cryptocurrency, fiat money, and the crypto-store from the top tabs

For Crypto

  1. Click on an icon to select your deposit currency.
  2. Choose a network
  3. Copy the deposit address
  4. Enter this on your crypto-wallet
  5. Press complete transaction on your wallet to finish the deposit process

For Fiat Money

  1. Click on the currency to show a drop-down menu of available currencies
  2. Click on your choice of currency to proceed
  3. Pick between the available payment options for your currency
  4. Follow the prompts for your chosen payment mode to complete the transaction
crypto payments bcgame

Crypo Payment Options BC.Game

Maximum and Minimum Deposit Limits

BC.Games gives you full control of your bankroll. You choose how much you put in and what currency you use. The casino has flexible minimum and maximum deposit limits.

It all depends on things like the payment processors accepted for a certain currency and such factors. Click on a currency to select it to see what the minimum and maximum deposit limits are.

As we did our review, we checked them all, and the average maximum amount of bankroll you can add to your account is $2,500 per transaction.

With a maximum deposit amount like that, the high rollers can enjoy all the crypto-games they like as well as go for the big bets.

bc game depositing

BC.Game Casino Deposit

Buying Crypto at BC.Game Casino

As a casino that deals in cryptocurrency, it is only sensible that BC.Game gives its members options with which to become cryptocurrency gamers.

Members have an option for buying cryptocurrency through MoonPay, which is part of the cashier section.

Here is how to go about buying crypto at BC.Game Casino:

  1. Click on the deposit icon at the top of the page
  2. Select ‘Buy Crypto‘ on the top tab
  3. Choose a currency you wish to pay with
  4. Pick a cryptocurrency you wish to convert your cash into
  5. Click ‘Buy‘ to complete the transaction

Players who buy crypto at the casino should note that, depending on the blockchain, some purchases may take up to 1 hour before they are credited to your account.

Buying crypto saves you the issues that come with having to make currency changes. You also sidestep a lot of the fees you are likely to incur when you make payments through fiat money.

buy crypto bc game casino

BC.Game Buy Crypto


BC.Game offers an extensive range of fiat and cryptocurrency banking options, which is amazing to see. You never have to look too hard for payment options that suit you.

Simply pick a currency you wish to transact in, and the cashier section filters out all other payment options to leave you with only the options you need.

With such an efficient banking process, BC.Game proves that it truly deserves to be right up there with the best crypto-casinos in the game. Playing here is also a delight as you have probably fair games which players can test on their own if they so wish.

Players who prefer wagering in cryptocurrency should try out the site if they have yet to sign up. BC.Games impresses from the first time you complete the signup, and new members will notice this immediately.

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