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Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) Token

mines of dalarnia


If you are a Binance user, you have most probably already heard of the new Mines of Dalarnia(DAR) Token. On October 29th, the platform announced adding its 23th project on its Launchpool, and farming DAR Tokens was enabled. On November 4th, Binance will list DAR in the innovation zone, which will open trades with the token for the following pairs:


What is Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game. While searching for rare relics and artifacts, you mine and combine various in-game items, improving your character’s skills and gear to unlock the Mines of Dalarnia universe’s secrets.

Mines of Dalarnia Gameplay

The gameplay is divided into two modes. The first one is the mining mode. In it, you mine different pieces of earth to collect various precious minerals. You can further use them to upgrade your character with improved mining equipment and various character attributes. 


As a miner, you will mine minerals and fight against different monsters. Your character can also die during the mining process if you lose all health points. Depending on the mine type, you will need the according equipment to keep your character alive. For example, the player’s Heat Sink will determine how long they can stay alive in a Lava mine.

The other gaming mode is the Real Estate mode.


You can trade Dalarnia plots of land with other players, thus becoming a landowner. Then you can rent out your lands and receive tax from the miners.

Terrain Types

There are four different types of terrain.

  • Darkness – Green
  • Ice – Blue
  • Lava – Red
  • Terrestrial – Purple

Each terrain type has different minerals to mine and monsters to combat and improve your character skills.

Mines of Dalarnia Marketplace

Since minerals are spread differently under the grounds of Dalarnia, you may have lack one type of mineral while having an abundance of another. Mines of Dalarnia provides an in-game marketplace to trade minerals and various other items. All of these assets are created as NFT’s, thus creating an economy within the game itself. However, for each transaction, you will have to pay a fee in DAR Token.

What is the DAR Token?

DAR is the default game currency and the main part of the economy of the Dalarnia world. All transactions that happen while playing are recorded on the blockchain. Thus, you can export all assets you gather within the game and trade them on the open market.

DAR Crypto Benchmarks:

Token Name: DAR.

Blockchain: Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.

Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20.

Total Supply: 800,000,000 DAR.

How to get DAR Token?

Currently, the only option is by farming the token on Binance. The farming Period is between October 29th, 2021, and November 27th, 2021. To farm, you need to stake either BUSD or BNB and get rewarded with DAR tokens. Our test showed that with 0.92 BNB(around 500$) staking, you could receive around 0.0370 DAR in 24h. From November 30th, which is DAR launch date, you will also be able to trade the token.

DAR Token Price Prediction 2021

The ICO price is 0.023$. The hype for the DAR token will most probably skyrocket its price and it will shortly reach 5$. 


To sum it all, we must say that investing in DAR looks promising. We all know what happened with Axie Infinity, and there is a considerable chance that a similar result can happen with Mines of Dalarnia.

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