The Crypto Bonus


The new crypto project named after Elon Musk’s New Shiba Pup is still mainly for risky investors. In this topic, we will look at its potential and what it is. We have also added instructions on how you can currently purchase MiniFlokiADA. 

What is MiniFlokiADA?

The purpose of MFLOKIADA is to reward its holders with ADA passive income. Built through the Binance Smart Chain, the token claims to also provide loyalty rewards, integrate with the NFT, and contribute to Dog Charity. Sounds great, but this is not all. There are a couple of other attractive promises and ideas behind the token.


According to the platform’s whitepaper, every Floki token is expected to raise its value whenever Musk tweets about its pup or Cardano. Also, about 10% of all transactions are allocated to the ADA Vault, and 10% of the transactions between holders’ wallets. MiniFlokiADA claims a donation of 2% allocation that will be utilized to support Dogs in need around the world. 

Mini Floki Rush

There are many cryptocurrencies involved in games in some manner. MiniFlokiADA makes no difference. The first game of the Minigames series is the play-to-earn adventure game called Mini Floki Rush: Treasure Hunt. Players earn MiniFlokiADA rewards by progressing from level to level. Additional rewards are available for the participants in the top 50 leaderboards.

Is MiniFlokiADA a good investment?


Despite the promises that you can both make daily claimable passive ADA income and earn a lot relying on the expected pump from each Elon’s tweet, we consider that the token is still only for the risky crypto enthusiasts. If you are a more conservative investor, you should wait for the token to prove itself through a longer track record. 

How to Buy MiniFlokiADA Token?


Now that we have briefly gone through what MiniFlokiADA is let’s see how you can invest in the token.

MFLOKIADA is entirely new, so it is not yet available on the big platforms for straightforward purchase with fiat money. Instead, you can buy it by following the steps below. For the time being, this is the easiest way. Please check the big platforms such as Binance and Coinbase whether MiniFlokiADA has become available before using these instructions:

  1. Buy BNB on one of the major platforms, such as Binance. The platform has enough payment/deposit methods for you to be comfortable with the purchase.
  2. Create a wallet on TrustWallet or MetaMask. Then, get your address from the wallet and send your BNB to it.
  3. Connect your wallet to a DEX such as SushiSwap or PanCakeSwap.
  4. Now you can swap your BNB to MiniFlokiADA.

MiniFlokiADA Price Prediction

With such new assets, there could hardly be a precise price prediction. You can expect at least Bitcoin’s average annual growth of 5% to be applied to MiniFlokiADA. However, we suspect that its value could skyrocket any moment, as news, hype, and speculations can greatly influence such new cryptocurrencies.

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