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Palace Casino VIP – What it is, benefits, and levels?

What is a casino without VIP benefits? We have an answer – an incomplete one. The simple loyalty programs are not so simple anymore. Over the last twenty years or so, there has barely been a serious crypto casino that hasn’t taken a shot at enhancing and remodeling it. They have taken into consideration every element, from the exact way of generating points to which games and live shows contribute to that.

We present you the most complete Palace Casino VIP levels review. As usual, we took the time necessary to deeply analyze the casino and divide the main topics into six sections.

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What is it about VIP benefits at that’s making the journey so good? It may not be as important for some people as for others, but a good VIP program can truly spread the status of a casino.

It can be dressed up as a loyalty-only system or dressed down as VIP levels, but the idea remains identical. It has moved seamlessly from something additional that casino creates on the run without care for the actual bonuses to the most recognizable part of a brand.

Palace Casino VIP levels have something for even the most refined taste. Everything depends on the activity of the player without the necessity for invitation for the first twelve levels. A huge palette of bonuses including different benefits and levels such as Cashback, Monthly or Daily reloads, and Level-up Rewards.

The list below presents what is required to wager to get to a certain rank. The Knight, Lord, Prince, and King.

All ranks further than Emperor are only by invitation, and they get customized benefits.

Knight – €0k
Knight I – €15k
Knight II – €30k
Knight III – $50k

Lord I – $80k
Lord II – $150k
Lord III – $300k

Prince I – $500k
Prince II – $1M
Prince III – $1.7M

King I – $2.5M
King II – $5M
King III – $10M

Emperor – Invitation only

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Welcome Bonus
5% Cashback on sign up


Climb the VIP ladder at Palace to get better benefits. For every $1 wagered, you will gain 10XP (Experience points.) Those Experience points will make your life better in every way. Below we gathered helpful information about each of the bonuses after testing each one of them.

Weekly bonus

The weekly bonus is self-explanatory to a great extent. It’s in the currency of the player’s choice when reaching a new VIP level. It will be calculated depending on how much you’ve wagered during your previous week and your account level.

Every Friday, the weekly bonus is calculated and credited to your account’s wallet in Bitcoin. The latest this will be done is 6 pm UTC.

Monthly bonus 

As the name says, players can receive this bonus once a month. Likewise to the Weekly bonus, the Monthly Bonus will be calculated based on your wagering for the last month. It will be credited to your account in the first week of the month.

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