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What is a blockchain casino?

Before getting into the TFS token, let us discuss what a blockchain casino is. It is a particular form of an online casino, which accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and utilizes its own crypto token. This is the highest level of transparency an online casino can operate, as all gaming and financial results are public on the blockchain. A few key points distinguish a blockchain casino from a traditional online casino. The first casino operating in such a manner is Fairspin.

  • You can track the records of each of your games on the blockchain. This information is stored only on the casino’s servers in traditional casinos.
  • The financial results of the casino are publicly displayed on the blockchain. Thus, you can verify its solvency. This is not the case with traditional casinos, where you can only wonder whether the casino can pay out players’ winnings.
  • You can withdraw your funds instantly to your crypto wallet without any verification requirements, fees, or other obstacles. Maybe you have heard of the KYC verification? It can take up to one week, and most traditional online casinos require you to pass it before you can withdraw anything from your account.
Blockchain casino

What is TFS Crypto Token?

TFS crypto is a play-to-earn ERC20 token used by the Fairspin blockchain casino. It was published in December 2021, and its all-time high is 0.0056$. This new cryptocurrency aims to serve as a payment method and reward players for gambling at Fairspin. The TFS token is with a limited supply. This means that a consistent monthly buyback restricts its overall pool. Each month a given percent of all tokens is withdrawn from circulation.

The price of the TFS token between 13.02.2022 and 13.05.2022 shows a significant decrease. This is no surprise, as the whole crypto market diminished in the first half of 2022.

    TFS Token Price

    How to get TFS Token?

    Fairspin casino provides two methods for gaining its crypto token.

    Hold to Earn

    • You can stake your TFS tokens directly in your Fairspin account through the TruePlay widget.
    • Choose your holding period from 1 hour, one day, and three days.
    • Track your TFS earnings in your casino account.
    • Your TFS assets are instantly available after the holding period.
    • Receive your share of Fairspin GGR.
    • Top-level transparency – Fairspin GGR and the number of the members holding TFS tokens are publicly available.
        Hold To Earn

        Play to Earn

        • Receive TFS tokens as a reward for playing at Fairspin casino at the end of each playday.
        • Earn TFS cashback for every bet you place at the casino.
        • Play without worrying about manipulated results, as the TruePlay blockchain platform ensures transparency and fairness.
        • Increase your TFS crypto earnings further with the Hold to Earn program, or play your favorite games with them.
            Play To Earn

            Where to Buy TFS Token?

            Apart from the Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs, you can purchase TFS tokens with other crypto assets. TFS crypto is listed on several exchange platforms, but for the time being, you cannot purchase it directly with fiat money. Instead, you have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc., on Binance, for example. Then, you can transfer the purchased crypto to another exchange platform that offers TFS and make the exchange there.


                The Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs are an excellent opportunity to earn extra while having fun at the casino. Considering that the TFS tokens are limited and are regulated monthly, the price of this cryptocurrency is expected to have a positive trend in the long term. Also, considering that Fairspin casino has constantly been growing from 2018 until now, we expect the TFS token to have a bright and stable future ahead.

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